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We are a group of archaeologists and educators with knowledge and expertise in Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain. Our aim is to support teachers, museums and heritage organisations to develop excellence in this new area of the primary history curriculum.

Kim Biddulph (Director)


Kim studied archaeology, specialising in prehistory, at the University of Nottingham and University College London. She’s happiest when helping children learn how to make bramble rope or prehistoric pigments and telling them stories around an open fire. Always willing to dress up to make the past come to life, she’s been people as diverse as an Iron Age woman, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Kingsley, a nineteenth century explorer. She’s been lucky enough to have worked at Hampton Court Palace, the V&A, the British Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum, but running Schools Prehistory is the best job ever.

Contact her on kim (at) schoolsprehistory (dot) co (dot) uk, find her on LinkedIn or see what she’s up to at her blog.

Giles Carey (Webmaster)

914128_610639582282606_1061165588_oGiles is a heritage data specialist as well as a prehistorian, specialising in Neolithic Scotland. He believes passionately in telling the stories of local, often less well-known sites, making the latest discoveries accessible to all. When not working his day-job as an Historic Environment Record officer, he can often be found on top of a windy hill doing geophysics, taking aerial photographs with a kite or digging here, there and everywhere – but especially Orkney. When it’s too wet even for him, he can be found creating websites, building 3D models and exploring LiDAR imagery of whole landscapes.


Victoria Reid (research assistant)

DSCF9856Victoria graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Archaeology. She has always had a desire to find out more about our complex histories, her main interests are prehistory, zooarchaeology, curation and archaeological science. It is a passion of Victoria’s to make archaeology accessible and inclusive for all.

Victoria is currently working on her own venture; “Access to Archaeology” which aims to provide everybody with the opportunity to participate in archaeology, regardless of the challenges they face in life. More information about the Access to Archaeology project can be found on Victoria’s website www.accesstoarchaeology.co.uk

Sun Jester Heritage Consultantscrop_Towse Tudor 2

Towse and Graham Harrison have many years of experience in the use of archaeological and historical objects in formal and informal learning. They have a substantial personal collection of both genuine and replica artefacts to museum quality and specialise in providing a truly hands on experience to learning with objects.

Towse has an Honours degree in History and an MA with Distinction in Museums and rsz_Picture 1Galleries in Education. Graham has a particular enthusiasm for the skills and technology of prehistory and has created hands-on workshops to demonstrate the technology and crafts of our early ancestors.

More about their work can be found on their website: www.sunjester.co.uk

IMG_2961Ancient Craft

James Dilley has been interested in archaeology since the age of 2. In 2007 he won Young Archaeologist of the Year. Now in his final year of a degree in archaeology, he runs Stone Age to Iron Age workshops in schools across the south-east.

More about James’ skills and experience can be found at www.ancientcraft.co.uk.

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